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Success Stories

Our mission is to deliver comprehensive virtual assistance solutions that enable businesses and individuals to optimize their productivity, leverage technology, and focus on what matters most. But don't just take our word for it. instead, Get inspired by what our clients have been able to accomplish with the help of our expert assistants. Your success story could be next.

Trusted by Businesses and Entrepreneurs Across Industries

What Our Clients Say

Jeremy Foster
Rooftop Coaching


"After I got a VA, my business took off. I delegated everything I could think of - calendar management, drafting simple emails, booking travel, repeatable client onboarding processes, and even the online management of my little league baseball team. This freed me up to do what only I can do - serve my current clients with excellence and talk with many more prospective clients. During the first six months of having a VA and putting my focus on more important things, my business has literally tripled."

"Over the years, I have worked with multiple companies and services as I built my team of assistants. You name it and I've probably tried it or seriously looked into it. I wish I had known about Greenpath at the very beginning of my assistant journey. It would have saved me so much time and effort when hiring a management-level overseas assistant."

Mary Beth Lynn
Assistants that Work


Anna Harrison
Travel Observations


“Before working with Greenpath I was drowning and overwhelmed. I seriously considered taking a step back in my business. I felt I was constantly putting out fires and didn't have time to focus on the parts of my work that brought the most joy."

"Working with GPA Virtual Assistant was very easy. They presented me with 1 very qualified applicant after reviewing my job description, workflow, and personality tests, finding a great match for someone who operates similarly to how I do. It took very little time and they did all the heavy lifting of interviewing dozens of applicants for me."

Ashley Doell

Doell Travel


Harry Parmar
CareSuccess LTD

Harry Parmar.png

“Among a crowded field, we selected Greenpath to develop our new software platform. The healthcare experience of the highly skilled team and their passion for our success provided a clear choice."

"Sean was a great thought leader in our healthcare organization. His ability to develop partnerships and strategic thinking is an asset."

Rhonda Buckholtz
Healthcare Operational Consultant


Donald Thurman
Senior VP, Discovery Health Record Solutions

Donald Thurman.png

“Sean brought a unique blend of entrepreneurial and process skills to achieve significant increases in our traditional revenue streams by using sales management discipline and creativity."

"One year ago, I was at my breaking point---absolutely overwhelmed, working 80 hours a week and still not catching up.  I forced myself to make time for the Assistants That Work course, where I learned just how much an assistant really could take off my plate.  More importantly, I was fortunate enough to be selected for the Travel VA pilot program and I was connected with Greenpath.  Although I had little to no spare time to build a training program, my assistant jumped right in and educated herself on my systems---Traveljoy, Axus, Constant Contact, how to reconfirm flights on airline websites, and many more things I was spending so much of my time on.  She introduced some systems of her own for things such as building my restaurant lists and keeping track of supplier contacts.  Greenpath has provided further Travel Advisor VA specific training as well as general motivation and training on how to effectively assist us and change our lives.  The program is fantastic.  I am thrilled with my match and grateful every day for Assistants That Work and for Greenpath for bringing us together."

Kimberly Georgi, CTA
Luxury Travel Design by Kimberly


Tracy Gervais
Design Your Vacation

Tracy Gervais Picture.webp

"Having a GPA-VA has been truly transformative. I realized that I couldn't sustain the pace at which I was working while maintaining happiness. Thanks to my VA, I've been able to reclaim control of my schedule and achieve better work-life balance. With her assistance, I've been able to sustain the growth of my agency while limiting my work hours to a maximum of 40 per week. In just 6 months, she has made a substantial impact on my life. Now, I can prioritize spending time with family and friends, as well as taking better care of myself."

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