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Fractional Executive

  The growth of a business is always correlated to the level of leaders in the business.  That said, many businesses are not quite ready to invest in a proven executive leader.  Even when you are ready.....The process of finding & hiring a leader who will produce can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming.  



Our Executives serve in a fractional role designed to provide transformation.  Find out more with a complimentary consultation

  Great companies begin with great leadership.  Even on a fractional basis, a great leader can provide more impact than many full-time executives.  There is the immense value offered by an experienced leader who is proven and ready, willing, and able to step in for the time period you need.  Your executive leader from GreenPath walks into the position knowing their role and your goals for the time they are there.


  By scheduling a consultation we can begin to understand your needs and goals. From there we can develop a plan to maximize performance, even during a time of transition within your company.  By starting with open communication and clear objectives we can work together to help your company reach that next level. 

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