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"After I got a VA, my business took off. I delegated everything I could think of - calendar management, drafting simple emails, booking travel, repeatable client onboarding processes, and even the online management of my little league baseball team. This freed me up to do what only I can do - serve my current clients with excellence and talk with many more prospective clients. During the first six months of having a VA and putting my focus on more important things, my business has literally tripled."

Jeremy Foster

Rooftop Coaching

The caliber of their assistants is excellent, and I loved that they focused on matching me with an assistant that fits my working style, personality, etc. I am able to delegate higher-level tasks to my assistant much sooner than I would if I hired an overseas VA on my own. I can't say enough positive things about Greenpath's Travel VAs, and I know I'm not alone in that. I've loved seeing how multiple agents that have been through our ATW program have had tremendous success when hiring a Greenpath VA.  

Mary Beth Lynn

Assistants that Work

“Among a crowded field, we selected Greenpath to develop our new software platform. The healthcare experience of the highly skilled team and their passion for our success provided a clear choice."

Harry Parmar

CareSuccess LTD

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